Tuesday mornings from 7am – 8am

Other days available by appointment for small groups

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Pilates is a collection of easy, controlled movements which work to release all the muscles of your body and help you achieve a fine balance of strength and tone. You will feel revitalized and confident, and be less prone to physical and mental tension.IMG_1639



Sessions by Appointment

ALL WELCOME!  Please email or phone for further information!

Boot Camp/Fitness

Monday 3pm & Wednesday 3pm

Lots of Fun, Group fitness. sessions can be organised for a range of group sizes and all ages!
Learn how to use your own body weight for some exercises without weights.

Medi-Ball Sessions

Available by appointment

Medi-ball sessions are excellent exercise for strengthening and used in injury management. Once you have been shown the correct way to use the medi-ball then you can begin strength and flexibility sessions on the medi-ball.

Personal Training

Available everyday

One on one training, for 1 hour, for extra time there will be an extra cost.
covering all aspects of fitness & nutrition – personalised program designed to help achieve your personal goals

Fitness Party Groups

Available by appointment

A new way to get started, to keep yourself fit and healthy whilst having fun!


Available by appointment

Learning how to eat correctly and reduce the calories.

Pre booked sessions:

Available by appointment

Personal Training sessions
Small group sessions
Special needs individuals / groups
Good eating plans
Home programs



Studio Opening Hours


Monday 3pm-8pm
Tuesday 7am-7pm
Wednesday 3pm-8pm
Thursday 7am-7pm
Friday 7am-6pm