What’s new with Body and Mind 2000

The award winning Body and Mind 2000 studio continues to surpass expectations in the fitness industry with innovative programs which deliver positive results for clients.

Christine Atkins’ business is ever expanding, engaging community organisations and work sites with the latest fitness information, whilst enhancing her company’s additional services by branching into hospitality.

The studio itself has undergone exciting changes and is newly refurbished.

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Awards Received

Body and Mind 2000 are proud community and fitness supporters and over the years have been granted many awards for their excellence.

Onsite Seminars

Christine Atkins is an experienced, committed and empathetic fitness professional who provides a vital link between Employers, Medical Specialists and Clients.


Catering for the local community, such as Futbol Academies and Youth Groups, and aiming to get employees to use local gym facilities.

Additional Businesses

Check out what exciting new businesses have expanded from Body and Mind 2000.


Real testimonies from satisfied and healthy clients.


Select a class that suits you and your focus on core and body fitness.


Meeting other fitness enthusiasts in your community.

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