Body and Mind 2000’S Injury Prevention Program Changing How Hunter Businesses Approach Workplace Exercise

Body and Mind 2000 is a fitness studio located in Nulkaba near Cessnock. They’re dedicated to providing health and fitness solutions to individuals and businesses who are looking to better their health and wellbeing in everyday life.

Body and Mind 2000’s dedication to the health and wellbeing of others saw them take out the win for Best Health and Wellbeing Program (SME), sponsored by Tomago Aluminium, in the 2020 Hunter Safety Awards.

The program was designed by Owner and Manager, Chris Atkins to deliver injury prevention programs (stretch care) and exercises designed to improve preparedness to undertake work tasks required in the employee vocations.

These vocations have ranged from blue collar workers in heavy and light industry through to office staff and senior managers.

The assignment tasks and circumstances differ greatly depending on the industry and roles of those in the business. Some of these included encouraging:

  • conditioning and preparation for repetitive and heavy physical tasks in hot environments
  • staff seated in front of computer screens to engage in frequent walking around and stretching.
  • Managers sitting in stressful meetings for long periods to take a break for physical activity and let off some steam prior to resuming on their work demands.

Chris’ dynamic program was developed from a prototype program over 20 years ago and has continued to evolve with each new assignment up to the present day.

The approach is beneficial to individuals and to employers as it assists in making employees fresher and fit for work.

It also promotes team morale for those employees and if delivered at the workplace, it has shown to be extremely effective in helping to ensure that participants remain engaged in the program.

Chris’ approach to health and fitness has been a driving factor in her business, having identified that she wanted to build a career involved in fitness and recognised a desire to help people become fitter, healthier and happier in their lives.

Her passion for safety in workplaces was fuelled by a family tragedy due to loss of her father in a mining accident when she was a child. It happened that the activities and passion coincided with the realisation that fitness for task and injury prevention were related, much as fitness, health and mental well-being are necessary to safe and effective work practices.

Body and Mind 2000 remains the vehicle used by Chris to bring her extensive background and continuous improvement approach to acquiring new skills to her clients.

Body and Mind 2000’s dedication to health and safety programs in the workplace has been recognised by the Hunter Safety Awards team since 2016.

The business has been a finalist on numerous occasions and were delighted to be awarded the win in 2020.

2020 Hunter Safety Awards Best Health and Wellbeing Program – Winner

Body and Mind 2000 run by Chris Atkins has won the 2020 Safety Award for “Best Health and Safety Program – Small to medium business”

When asked why she entered this award and what makes winning so satisfying, Chris has replied:

“Body and Mind 2000 has been heavily involved in creating and running safety and wellness programs for companies for some decades now. The goal is the provision of programs which are designed to promote physical well-being, fitness and safety, while also encouraging a positive attitude towards continuing to improve and maintain healthy lifestyles. To achieve this there is a natural progression into warm-up and preparation for activities, leading to safety benefits suitable to workplaces.

The reason I entered my business was in response to an invitation by Sarah Jane Dunford four  years ago. I decided on this category for 2020 as I pioneered the approach into workplace health and safety so many years ago and have persisted with this approach in my programs. My approach is flexible and my web-site carries as much information as is possible about the range of services that I provide. Sessions are tailored to the individuals involved to give great variety and choices, so that participants can gain maximum benefit and enjoyment. Communication in groups and with individuals is also a useful part of the programs.

My approach comes from infectious belief in what I do and delivering my best at every session, and I firmly believe that this helps promote both physical and mental well-being which is of benefit to individuals and employers and naturally links in with safe and happy employees.”

Congratulations to Chris Atkins at Body and Mind 2000 for this wonderful recognition.

A great local business specialising in fitness and wellness programs for individuals and groups. The creation of fitness education programs for workplaces to promote the heath, safety and well-being of employees, is a tremendous and valuable asset available in our local area.

Chris’s programs are suited for people of all ages. Services include pilates, fitness and gym instruction and rehabilitation.

A happy, knowledgeable lady who will push you to be a better you. And from one of us who gets put through their paces each week … Thanks for keeping me vital.
Well done Chris! – Client of Body and Mind 2000


Fitness Australia

Fitness Australia is the peak health and fitness industry association providing a range of support services and solutions to over 30,000 fitness professionals, businesses and suppliers Australia-wide.

Outstanding Achievements
2011 Australian Exercise Professional of the Year and  NSW Exercise Professional of the Year Award

awards 2011 websiteThrough superior customer care and the creation of ingenious schemes such as her Family Fitness strategy, Christine gives clients the motivational boost they need when outside influences override their enthusiasm for exercise. She has designed programs specifically for children, adults and mature citizens, which she has taken outside the gym to workplaces, community centres and schools. She believes in a lifelong commitment to good health and making fitness fun and a ‘way of life’.


2009 Australian Exercise Professional of the Year and NSW Exercise Professional of the Year Award

npr2 Surpassing 180 applicants, Chris Atkins was awarded the NSW Exercise Professional of the Year Excellence Award in 2009. Chris represented NSW at the National Fitness Industry Awards held in Perth. This prestigious ceremony saw fitness industry professionals from across the country competing for the highest accolades and recognition, with Chris being the National Award Winner. npr3In establishing Body and Mind 2000, Chris has created a unique environment in which health and fitness is promoted to meet the needs of individuals at ‘work, home and play’ in a non-threatening and highly motivating environment. With 20 years in the fitness industry, Chris’s skills in analysing the needs of employees in the context of work, family and community provided the right combination for the rapid growth of services. Chris has discarded the traditional ‘no pain, no gain’ idea to focus on fun activities to achieve fitness. Clients monitor their own data to keep track of their success and collaborate with Chris on their programs. The uniqueness of Chris’s approach is her ‘family focus’ that promotes health and fitness for workers by targeting the fitness of the whole family. Families are generally too busy to attend a gym on a regular basis. With innovative programs and a creative approach to motivating people to improve their health and fitness, Chris has established an excellent environment for fitness and personalised support that takes away the ‘effort’ of getting fit. There’s nothing quite like it in the industry!

What this award means to me:

Winning the NSW Exercise Professional and Australian Fitness Professional of the Year Excellence Award means a great deal to me as it epitomises my ideals and commitment to the promotion of fitness. Throughout my life I have maintained my passion for a healthy lifestyle with fitness as an essential part of life. Winning this award also acknowledges the hard work that goes into being a role model for clients. Unlike many other occupations, to be a ‘Exercise Professional of the Year’ means ‘walking the talk’. My own level of fitness is a measure of how much I believe in its importance at all stages of life. Fitness is the common denominator for people of all ages and backgrounds. The uniqueness of my approach for my clients and myself is to educate and support people to identify their own optimum level of fitness and work towards realistic goals in its achievement. The Award of NSW Exercise Professional of the Year highlights my philosophy of a ‘family focus’ on fitness. This strategy builds in the support needed in a society in which there are many influences that can reduce our motivation and where the fitness professional isn’t always available to counteract the barriers to a healthy lifestyle.

Awards and Recognition

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Hunter Region BEC Business Hub

The Hunter Region BEC is one of over 100 BEC’s that operate nationally to provide business clients with practical assistance in business planning, advice on marketing, budgeting and cash flow. The BEC recognises exceptional local businesses annually.

Awards and Recognition



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Hunter Safety Awards

The Hunter Safety Awards were designed in 2016 to recognise companies and individuals within the Hunter region who are demonstrating best-practice and innovative approaches when it comes to workplace health and safety (WHS).

Awards and Recognition

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List of Awards and Achievements

Australian Health & Fitness Industry Professional/Quality Awards

  • 2014 Australian Health & Fitness Industry Quality Award Gold
  • 2013 Australian Health & Fitness Industry Quality Award Gold
  • 2012 Australian Health & Fitness Industry Quality Award Bronze
  • 2011 Australian Exercise Professional Of The Year
  • 2011 NSW Exercise Professional of the Year
  • 2011 NSW Personal Training Business of the Year
  • 2009 Australian Exercise Professional Of The Year
  • 2009 NSW Exercise Professional Of The Year
  • 2008 NSW Personal Training Business Of The Year—Finalist
  • 2008 NSW Fitness Professional Of The Year—Finalist
  • 2006 Outstanding Contribution To The Industry By An Individual—Finalist
  • 2004 Personal Trainer Of The Year—Finalist
  • 2003 Fitness Employee Of The Year—Highly Commended

Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards

  • 2018 Hunter Region Health and Fitness Services – Finalist
  • 2017 Hunter Region Health and Fitness Services – Highly Commended
  • 2017 Hunter Region Home Based Business – Highly Commended
  • 2016 Hunter Region Business Woman of the Year – WinnerTHE-HUB-LOGO-1
  • 2016 Hunter Region Health and Fitness Services – Winner
  • 2015 Hunter Region Business Excellence Award – Highly Commended
  •  2015 Business Woman of the Year – Highly Commended
  • 2014 Business Woman of the Year – Finalist
  • 2014 Hunter Region Business Excellence Award Winner
  • 2013 Hunter Region Business Excellence Award Finalist
  • 2011 BEC Excellence Awards Winner Recreation
  • 2011 BEC Excellence Awards Winner L/Hunter
  • 2011 Business Woman Of The Year – Finalist
  • 2010 Business Woman Of The Year – Finalist
  • 2010 Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards – Finalist
  • 2010 Lower Hunter Individual Customer Service – Finalist
  • 2009 Lower Hunter Business Excellence Award – Winner
  • 2008 Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards – Finalist
  • 2006 Lower Hunter Business Excellence Awards – Finalist

Hunter Safety Awardsmaxresdefault

  • 2020 Hunter Safety Awards Best Health and Wellbeing Program – Winner
  • 2018 Hunter Safety Awards Most Innovative WHS Idea Award – Finalist
  • 2017 Hunter Safety Awards Most Innovative WHS Idea Award – Finalist
  • 2017 Hunter Safety Awards Best WHS Improvement Award – Finalist
  • 2016 Hunter Safety Awards Most Innovative WHS Idea Award – Finalist

Trophies and Certificates



Staff and friends of Body and Mind 2000 at the Hunter Safety Awards night 2017

Health 4 You Most Popular Award





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